Vandana (vandy) , the founder of ‘Netra’ is a well trained brow expert having practiced this for several  years both in east and west with well established companies and has a vast client base .According to her ” well groomed eyebrows help draw attention to your eyes , frame your face and play a major role in enhancing your beauty ” .As the name “netra” itself means ’ eyes’ so here we have got everything you need to beautify your eyes at Netra brow studio .Eyebrow threading instantly makes your eyes appear larger , lifted and makes them your great beauty asset.Maintained eyebrows project a sharper,well groomed and polished overall image .So set yourself apart from others by just giving us an opportunity to shape your brows and feel the miracle yourself.


                                                                                                                    Vandana (vandy)


Why choose Netra

While your visit to Netra you will not only be free of all the access hairs you are hoping to remove but you will also be given a thorough consultation regarding your eyebrows before starting the treatment as well as you will be suggested many tips to take better care of your brows and enhance the beauty of them.Afterwards you will be given a lovely forehead massage to ease your stress.